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Did anyone see Anne Hathaway on Graham Norton last night ? (Friday 31st october) Anne is a huge fan of Epicuren Skincare and we had the pleasure of looking after her when she was in the UK filming Les Miserables and again just recently while in the UK promoting  her latest film with the gorgeous Matthew McConaughey…..errr…hmmmm..yummy…

Anne has beautiful skin and uses Epicuren Discovery Skincare to ensure optimum skin health. Skincare is now about using very specific ingredients that have been proven to work and each product should focus on promoting  skin health and function such as increasing collagen production.

Anne uses a simple routine and does not over use products that could stifle a delicate skin type by overloading and ‘confusing’ it.

Here are 2 of Anne’s favourite products;

4 oz Brazilian Propolis Mist

Brazilian Propolis Mist

Primary Function ∙ This unique and nourishing toner is especially good for problematic skin types to help promote the healing process and inhibit bacteria, while restoring the pH of the skin. The perfect conditioning, bioflavonoid-rich solution developed to balance the skin, while providing the perfect environment for healthy skin to flourish.

Propolis Extract ∙ A resinous mixture, produced by bees, containing healing and cleansing properties. Propolis is commonly used to alleviate infections and troubled skin. This product contains 7% Propolis Extract.



Epicuren Herbal Cleanser

Herbal Cleanser

Primary Function ∙ A gentle, sulfate-free foaming cleanser that will not strip the skin.

Featured Ingredients

White Birch Bark ∙ Contains Vitamins A, C, and E antioxidants and provides skin soothing and purifying properties.

Lecithin Extracted from soybeans or egg yolk, Lecithin is a fatty emulsifier that will help to attract water and stimulate the skin’s natural moisture while also calming the skin.



Two simple but potent products that will leave your skin in fantastic condition without the use of chemicals or nasty ingredients.

If you would like to try any of these products, book a skin assessment with consultation or a facial, please call Joanne on 01256 345605



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