Cryopen Skin Lesion Treatment

Cryopen Skin Lesion Treatment

We are VERY excited to be able to offer the newest and most innovative treatment for skin lesions here at THE ENGLISH ROSE  as well as at our Sister Salon, WAX WORKS.


CryoPenTM is an advanced cryotherapy innovation that offers effective treatment for skin imperfections such as skin tags, milia and cherry angiomas, that are no longer being treated by doctors on the NHS.

It is fast, safe and effective.

How does it work?

With pinpoint accuracy, your Advanced Aesthetician will place the Cryopen onto the lesion to be removed and emit a small stream of freezing liquid. The tissue is destroyed by freezing the inter-cellular fluid, this forms ice crystals which break the cell membrane, thereby destroying the tissue we are looking to remove.

How long does the treatment take?

After a very in-depth consultation with your specialist, your treatment takes seconds!

When will I see results?

As with most skin changes, results will take place over 1 to 6 weeks with some lesions needing several treatments at 2-3 intervals.

What are the side effects?

This procedure is minimally invasive and pin point accurate so side effects are few. However, there is a small risk of;
•Blisters forming on the treated area,
•Pigmentation changes. If this happens skin colour normally returns after a few months.
•Temporary loss of sensation (particularly in areas where nerves lie close to the surface of the skin, on fingers, wrist, area behind the ear) Reports show that normal sensitivity returns after a few months.
•Loss of hair from the hair follicle in that area

These will be fully explained to you and your consultation form must be signed to say you understand these small risks are possible.

Does it hurt?

It is virtually painless. The pin point accuracy of the Cryopen means that healthy tissue is unaffected so there is minimal discomfort. It may feel cold and a little stingy for a few minutes after but tis quickly diminishes.

If a blister does form, the skin will heal normally but it is important not to pick the area as this could result in scarring and a longer healing time.

How much does it cost?

Treatments begin at £50 for up to 5 lesions with discounts for multiple areas. We will be able to give you a more accurate figure after your consultation, which is free.

What can Cryopen treat?   before-and-after-pigmentation-300x213

•Skin tags
•Solar lentigo
•Age spots
•Cherry Angiomas

Can anyone have Cryopen?

Cryopen is so effective, safe & accurate, it is even safe for children. However, if you have an immune disorder, Diabetes, vascular disease or intolerance to cold you will be contra-indicated to treatment or will require a GP referral.

For your free consultation please call us at THE ENGLISH ROSE on 01256 345605 or at our SISTER SALON – WAX WORKS 01256 364706 – Email

Cryopen Milia before & after








Cryopen Skin Tags before & After

Cryopen_ skinTag Before & After

Cryopen Warts Before & After




















Cryopen Treatemnt for Verrucas

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