More skincare brands swallowed up by huge corporations

More skincare brands swallowed up by huge corporations……
.What sad news this week that some beautiful, bespoke, high concentration, results led skincare brands are being swallowed up by huge corporations. Ren, Dermalogica and Dr Murad were all leading, prescriptive Therapist lead brands, used solely by salons to help clients improve their skin, with honesty and integrity.Unilever have purchased these companies and for clients this is not good. These massive conglomerates only aim to mass market the products and maximise profit. In order to do this the first thing these corporations do is source cheaper, lower quality ingredients as well as reducing the percentage of active ingredients, so reducing their costs and increasing profits. All this, unknown to us the consumer, believing we are buying the same quality product whilst receiving inferior results.This I have witnessed many times before.
If you would like real results, powerful ingredients, honesty and save money, avoid these brands and speak with a passionate, skincare Therapist that is trained in skin physiology and cosmeceutical ingredients backed by Dermatologists.Much Love..Joanne

(steps down form soap box)

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