New Beauty Magazine Award for Epicuren!

We are delighted that Epicuren has won THE New Beauty Magazine  Award for BEST SPA TREATMENT !!!!

We at the English Rose are delighted to be the UK trainers on behalf of this Californian top brand and clients come to us from near and far, for the best skincare results.

What’s the big idea? Skincare can’t really work can it ?

Epicuren is an  enzyme based skincare range but not as you know it.

Epicuren’s Metadermabolic Enzymes have been proven to work on a cellular level to improve skin function therefore retard the aging process.  As a result, Epicuren is a Global success, through word of mouth only… unheard of in the Skincare Business.

2.5 oz X-Treme Cream Sunscreen SPF 45

Dr Lancer – Dermatologist. Beverley Hills, California

 “There’s an extract in Epicuren Xtreme cream that can repair already damaged areas of skin.”

Here’s why Epicuren works and why it is one of the most active and results driven brand on the market today…

• Epicuren®’s Metadermabolic Enzyme is the foundation of the Epicuren® line founded by a Nobel Prize Winning team in The Houston Burns centre.

• Unique to Epicuren & only available to hand picked, exclusive establishments.

• A revolutionary strategy in the treatment for aging skin is through a process called cell signaling.

• As a result, the skin is regenerated and repaired from the inside out.

• Outstanding results have created an A List following via referrals only.

• The shape of Epicuren®’s Metadermabolic Enzyme is most similar to human enzymes & can be utilised effectively by the skin.

•  Supports positive skin health and stimulates constructive regeneration.

• The Metadermabolic Enzyme encourages the skin to self-rejuvenate without incurring sun sensitivity, flaking, or irritation.

• Clinically proven extracts triggers the proper cellular communication needed to correct and enhance collagen and elastin production within the dermis, resulting in improved skin firmness and reduced wrinkles.

• Consumers utilize these unique enzymes to visibly lift, tighten, and firm the appearance of the skin, while increasing textural clarity and evening the skin tone.

Have a looky over on our seasonal treatments page and if you would like to book one of these A List Facials with a free consultation, please do call on 01256 345605

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