The New Skincare Revolution…

Over the last 2 decades the changes in skincare technology have been astonishing. However, this has left the consumer confused, duped, deluded and disappointed after trailing through product after product, in an attempt to find the perfect answer to their skins needs and their goals.
During the 2nd World war women began to flock to the work force resulting in a higher demand for a woman’s need to want to look good.  This resulted in the beginning of the rise of the greats such as, Elizabeth Arden, Estee lauder and Helena Rubenstein and they began featuring gorgeous adverts promising glamour and youth.
These new beauty products though, were designed to just cover imperfections. We would see them as creams in nice jars merely able to plump the skin’s surface temporarily full of water with no sustained benefits. Technology was limited and there were few active ingredients available. Nothing more than hope in a jar…This continued for decades.

For the first time in history…

The 1990’s saw an introduction in new ingredients that really began to have a measurable impact on the skin.  For the first time in history, women could witness their skin becoming firmer, smoother, less wrinkled, less mottled, and rejuvenated.
Today, we really are in the new skincare revolution, or third generation treatments and ingredients now available or set to launch in the next few years, really can repair damaged skin and retard the ageing process. This is proven.
It is no longer about plumping the skin. It is about reprogramming the skin’s function and that is a truly revolutionary concept.

With our Epicuren Discovery metadermabolic enzyme  skincare (phew), we can now:

Skincare Revolution



The results are outstanding and this is why Epicuren is used by some of the most famous Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists and why they can perform some of the best facials in the world on some of the most demanding celebrities in the world. AND….we have this here at The English Rose!!
Please feel free to book a free consultation and we can chat through your own skincare, assess your needs and advise you on the ingredients that really work.

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