Summer Skin Defence

oh man it is hot out there………… Time for some Summer Skin Defense.

Did you know that 78% of all skin damage is caused during daily incidental, or minor exposure to UV radiation and not just sun bathing!!

Ultra violet rays directly radiate skin tissues and damage DNA, causing inflammation and Collagen breakdown. This process inevitably results in premature wrinkles and ageing. ARRRGGHHH!!  Just what we don’t want!

Come rain or shine, making an SPF15+ sunscreen application part of your DAILY routine will make a significant impact on your skin’s health while dramatically reducing visual premature ageing. There is no better and more powerful anti-ageing potion in the world or as results producing, as SPF protection 365 days a year.

Whilst we are enjoying such exceptionally hot weather, your first line of defense against the sun is to cover up. The second is to find shade and third is to use a sunscreen.  I  see many people spend money on expensive skincare but still use sunbeds or sunbathe for long periods of time.

A question I frequently get asked is “If my make up contains sunscreen, do I need to wear additional SPF lo

Epicuren Zinc 20

tions on my face”? The answer to this is absolutely. The size of the pigment molecules in make up is large. These large molecules prevent an even layer of solid sunscreen coverage on the skin. therefore, make up with SPF does not provide adequate coverage. Add a sunscreen, such as Epicuren’s Zinc 20, as your last step in your morning routine and wait 5 – 20 minuts before applying makeup, to allow it to absorb properly.

Lastly, enjoy the summer. It is not around for long but stay hydrated, be sensible in the sun and above all……… have fun!!!


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