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I think it is nice to really understand what happens to our skin in the sun that makes the experts go on and on and on about SPF! So, here it is …..

What happens when the sun hits your skin is enough to make you shudder! As you sit on the beach or in the garden, the molecules in your skin absorb the sunlight. Hey presto – free radicals are activated!
A free radical is a very busy, very nasty little molecule that has lost an electron (a negative or positive charge). In a quest to heal itself, they bounce around trying to steal electrons from other molecules, damaging the healthy cells in the process.

Ridding yourself of them is impossible, as they are also a natural by-product of daily living. However, free radicals are unleashed by external factors such as smoking, sunlight and air pollution and it is these we need to address.
Meanwhile, insi2.5 oz X-Treme Cream Sunscreen SPF 45de your skin cells, free radicals stimulate a molecule that then migrates to the nucleus, activates on the DNA to produce various chemicals which then begins digesting collagen and elastin, leaving tiny defects in the skin termed micro-scarring. Here, lies the birth of the wrinkle!!!

“There’s an extract in it [Epicuren® X-Treme Cream SPF 45 Sunscreen] that can help repair already damaged areas of the skin.”

Dr. Harold A. Lancer  Top Dermatologist – Beverly Hills

All this happens during DAYLIGHT too not just sunbathing. It is well known that daily living, 365 days a year causes us to age. So, I personally always advise clients to use a separate SPF on top of their moisturiser – ideally around SPF20 as this is by far, the best anti-aging thing you could do for your skin . It is not enough to rely on foundations with SPF alone – these should be seen as just a useful addition.

Our Epicuren Discovery Sunscreens are some of the best on the market, here’s why;

Epicuren Xtreme Cream 45 ; This moisturing formula provides an invisible shield from harsh environmental elements while helping the skin appear supple and more radiant. The Propolis used in Epicuren® products is imported from the rainforests of Brazil in order to provide a very pure, nutrient-rich, and potent extract.This amazing sunscreen is effective in treating sunburns and is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral.

Epicuren Zinc Oxide  Perfecting Sunscreen; Epicuren Zinc Sunscreen A whipped, antioxidant-rich sunscreen that naturally protects your skin from UV-related damage, including premature aging and hyperpigmentation.

Daisy Flower Extract , a natural skin-lightening agent effectively diminishes the appearance of age spots and pigmentation disorders by inhibiting the pigment stimulating hormone which leads to uneven skin tone .

This transparent, all zinc protection helps to lightly hydrate, even the appearance of skin tone, and perfect your skin’s overall look. Perfect for very sensitive skins.


“This whole line-the sunscreen [Epicuren® X-Treme Cream Sunscreen SPF 45] is the best .”   Kate Bosworth Actress


Please feel free to call us on 01256 345605 if you would like to purchase one of these amazing products to save your skin!

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