Epicuren Skincare

Epicuren Skincare is now available from our new webshop! https://englishroseskincare.co.uk/

When looking to source the best products in the world, The English Rose looked to the L.A Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons for their expert opinions on products THEY use on their patients, because they worked. We have been delighted to have been using this brand for over 10 years now and this has lead us to be the UK Trainers and Distributors in Epicuren Advanced Skincare.

So why Epicuren ?

In our search for the best Epicuren came up time and time again. This is what we discovered;

  • That this brand was sold only by word of mouth by those in the know. 
  •  It is a cosmeceutical brand using organic and fair trade ingredients where possible.
  •  Uses high grade pharmaceutical ingredients without nasties and has a Dermatologist following.
  •  Discovers botanicals from small farmers and The Rainforest that they can protect .
  •  A- List Celebrities use it because they get real results.

So, we would like to share these exciting results with you. Finally…some skincare truth..


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