Wax Works Treatments

Foot and hand heaven

Your feet and hands put in a lot of service; they’re the hardest working body parts. Give them back some loving care. Wax Works provide expert treatments that will have your feet and hands looking great and feeling special.

Nail extensions by the professionals

We enhance your nails, and create breathtaking designs and colours. Natural Bio Sculpture gel overlays are an amazing service for such a small investment. Get the perfect nails for a big night out.

Super shiny Shellac

Your nails will dazzle everyone who sees them, with our Shellac nail treatments. It applies like a polish but gives a highly durable super gloss finish for up to 14 days.

Hair free solutions

Unwanted hairs are like in-laws at Christmas, they just won’t go away. Help is here from Wax Works. We’re hair removal specialists. We offer waxing and electrolysis at great prices. We also provide male hair removal. Treat your man, you’ll both love the feel.

Waxing works

We’re your waxing experts. Whether you want a one off treatment or regular appointments, you’ll still get the same outstanding service. Whether you want hair free underarms or a hair free Hollywood feeling, call us.

Permanent hair removal

Do you want to be rid of troublesome hair forever? Electrolysis is for you. Allergy tests are carried out, and our equipment is pre-sterilised and disposable.