Skin Specialist & Electrologist

Hello everyone, my name is Marta and I have been a beauty therapist at the English Rose (Waxworks) for 8 years.
🌟I’m from Portugal and my love for travelling (and the beach!!) is something I have in common with a lot of my clients. I love coming into work and hearing all about different places and sharing experiences.
🌟I’m all for a healthy lifestyle, therefore my favourite treatments and the ones related with skin, face or body.
🌟I’m a great believer on the idea of taking time for ourselves and disconnecting everything once and a while and that’s always the way for every single one of my clients.
🌟One of my ultimate favourite products is the Clarify Cleanser by Epicuren. Clears and exfoliates my break out prone/ oily skin. Because all the good and effective skin care routines starts with a good cleanse.
🌟I love what I do, everyday is different and  the learning is endless. I feel very empowered working with a great team and making a difference in people’s life’s.
Look forward to seeing all my lovely clients and even some new faces!! 😁

01256 364706

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