Is Retinol For Me?

25 March 2024

With more advertising and marketing efforts churning out information about retinol, it can be unclear what it actually means for your skin. Here, I’ll break it down and offer our recommendations for how and when to use retinol in your skincare products

When used topically in a skincare product, research has shown that Retinol is a chemical compound that can change the way the skin functions by helping speed the regeneration process by exfoliating the surface layers of skin .


When looking into retinol and retinol-based products, you may come across other similar terms such as retinoids and other compounds like Vitamin A. Here’s how they relate to each other:

Vitamin A is an essential compound that your body uses in multiple ways to maintain the function of your organs, circulatory system and, of course, skin. It can be broken down or synthesized to create similar yet distinct chemical compounds that have different functions throughout the body, some of which are called retinoids.

Retinoids include retinol and other specific types of molecules that can be used as active ingredients in over-the-counter or prescription products. Retinoids have various potencies, with retinol being more mild and safe, which is why it’s the one that’s readily available. Other retinoids are available after visiting a doctor and receiving a prescription for the specific compound

So, what can it do for me?
Perhaps retinol’s most famous effect is its ability to change your skin on a cellular level and so is great for individuals concerned with tightening skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Multiple studies have seen how retinols can travel to the deeper layers of your skin, instructing the cells to behave in a healthier manner.
People who use retinol products regularly experience the appearance of brighter, more even skin tone, especially those who struggle with melasma. Melanin has less ability to build up in any given area therefore reducing pigmentation.

Can I use it if I suffer breakouts or acne?

YES!! One of retinol’s main benefits is that it clears out your pores and dissolves oils that would otherwise clog them and cause acne outbreaks. If you’re struggling with trying to find a non-comedogenic moisturizer or want an extra step of cleansing that also stimulates your skin, retinol is a great place to start.


The marketing machines have worked very well promoting retinols but unfortunately, I see many skins that are not indicated for its use and this can lead to compromised skin barrir, increased redness, dryness and an increased risk of pigmentation. I see a lot of very young skins using them too and for me, this is an absolute no-no! Unless, your specialist is treating a specific condition.

At ENGLISH ROSE, we’re passionate about sourcing scientifically proven and sustainable, professional-grade skincare products, including, of course, retinol in our EPICUREN’S potent serums and creams. Get started with a simple and convenient source of retinol with our Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Complex or try it as part of our highly popular Prevention and Correction Duo. These products may be your ticket to the appearance of smoother, more vibrant skin.

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